Economic crisis

Britain: Thirteen years since Labour came to power promising ‘Education, education, education’ we face cuts of more than £1 billion in colleges: here.

USA: The Los Angeles Unified School District voted to send out 5,200 layoff notices to school employees, even as the teachers’ union was given control of 22 campuses in the city: here.

USA: Faced with a more than $1 billion budget deficit, Georgia state legislators are preparing to impose widespread cuts in education, transportation and health care: here.

A series of fatal house fires have occurred in Detroit as the mayor of the city prepares to force residents out of poor neighborhoods and bulldoze their homes in order to eliminate public services to whole swaths of the city: here.

Greek trade unionists

French President Nicolas Sarkozy met with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou at the Elysée Palace on Sunday and echoed German Chancellor Angela Merkel in insisting that Greece deal with its debt crisis by imposing a brutal austerity program on the working class: here.

Saturday’s referendum in Iceland on whether to accept a deal to pay back nearly €4 billion to Britain and the Netherlands resulted in a massive “no” vote: here.

In the federal budget tabled March 4, Canada’s minority Conservative government proclaimed its commitment to at least five years of spending restraint, freezes, and cuts: here.

A vote in Indonesia’s parliament last Wednesday on the findings of a probe into the bailout of PT Bank Century has widened the rift in the government coalition: here.

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