International Women’s Day today

This is a video from the USA about International Women’s Day.

See also about this, here. And here.

USA: Break down today’s unemployment stats, and it looks like women are faring much better than men in the great recession. That is, unless they’re single and raising kids: here.

TRINIDAD: Women Demand a Real Gender Policy: here.

To commemorate 100th International Women’s Day, FFI’s Helen Anthem has written a short piece on the topic of gender and conservation: here.

As the world marks International Women’s Day, ambivalence, impunity, weak law enforcement and corruption continue to undermine women’s rights in Afghanistan, despite a July 2009 law banning violence against women, rights activists say: here.

Women trade unionists discussed how to protect their gender from facing the brunt of climate change on Monday while people across the world celebrated International Women’s Day: here.

( — Women have not achieved full equality despite media images that suggest the battle for equality has been won, according to a University of Michigan researcher: here.

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    Mr. Ahmed Hamrouch, president of AAPSO issued the following statements on behalf of the Permanent Secretariat

    The 8th of March: International Women’s Day

    The world is celebrating this year the centenary of Copenhagen Conference 1910 which was the first conference to address the rights of women. It was convened on that day marking a major event occurred in 1857 in New York where women demonstrated demanding the limitation of working hours. But they were persecuted and some of them fell martyrs on that day.
    Then came the United Nations Charter signed in 1945 in San Francisco as the first international convention declaring the gender equality as a fundamental human right. Since that time, internationally approved goals were set for the advancement of women all over the world. Seeking to achieve those goals, four trends were adopted: furthering the legal measures, mobilizing the public opinion and the international work, making gender statistics and providing direct aid for the deprived groups.
    This day concerns all the world’s women as it addresses all their issues and problems. It is also an annual occasion for emphasizing the rights of women and furthering their claims of the real equality with men as well as being an outcry in the face of the patriarchal domination at the expense of women. Women are the soul and half of the society, and without them, society becomes unipolar as they constitute the basic measure and criterion of the whole human progress. The woman assumes the role of the mother, the sister, the daughter, the wife and the beloved.
    And despite the fact that since past decades, women have made several social, political and legal gains that differed from a society to another and from a culture to another, those advantages, according to women’s rights activists, are still insufficient and unsatisfactory. On its part, the International Labour Office believed that the gap between men and women started to get narrowed, but very slowly.
    The issue of the empowerment of women and equality with men in exercising their rights constitutes the basic item on the agenda of the activities in defence of women. Moreover, women as breadwinners occupy a special position on the agenda due to the hardships that women suffer and the sacrifices they make. Trafficking in women has also received increasing attention since trafficking in human beings amounts to about a million individuals, most of them are women. The Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (AAPSO) has constantly been standing by both men and women for improving the conditions of the whole society.
    AAPSO pays tribute on this day to women in the south countries in general and to the Palestinian and Iraqi women in particular for their continuous steadfastness, struggle and sacrifice. We also seize the opportunity to pay tribute to all women around the world wishing them prosperity, peace and welfare.


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