Recession saves Bulgarian brown bears

This video from Alaska says about itself:

National Geographic researchers trap an Alaskan brown bear for research, and the bear is not at all happy.

From AFP news agency:

Mar 4, 2010

Recession saves brown bears

SOFIA – BULGARIAN brown bears have been thrown a life line by the economic crisis as hunters can no longer afford the high cost of shooting them, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

‘Hunters, calculate before you shoot!’ 24 Hours daily newspaper joked, after a French hunter reportedly missed a huge bear in southern Bulgaria on purpose, saying he could not afford to pay 19,000 euros (S$36,326) for the trophy.

The hunter then asked officials in the Rakitovo hunting area in southern Bulgaria to take him to hunt ‘a smaller and cheaper bear,’ which they refused, 24 Hours reported.

Hunters pay a sum for each bear they kill calculated on the basis of size.

Another ‘colossal’ bear in the Borovo hunting area in the Rhodope mountains was thus also likely to save its skin as it would cost hunters about 25,000 euros, Standart newspaper added.

BirdLife Bulgaria supports rewilding of Rhodope Mountains: here.

October 2010: New research suggesting Spain’s female brown bears do not hibernate while cubs are still young proves anecdotal evidence first recorded many centuries ago: here.

February 2012. For the second time in recent history, brown bears have been declared extinct in Austria. “Unfortunately there are no bears left in Austria, in the Northern Limestone Alps. The last bear, known as ‘Moritz’, an Austrian born bear, has not been seen since 2010. This sub-population is now deemed to be extinct.” said Christian Pichler of WWF Austria: here.

What keeps bears healthy while hibernating? Here.

March 2012. European countries have not been successful in their long-term fight against the loss of biological diversity. The return of many animal species, mainly large carnivores, is being held back because of three countries: Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It is those particular countries that form a strict boundary beyond which the key species are not able to advance. Such conclusions were made after comparing these three states with adjacent countries in connection with the occurrence of certain types of endangered species: here.

8 thoughts on “Recession saves Bulgarian brown bears

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