Chilean earthquake aftermath

This video says about itself:

Al Jazeera’s Steff Gaulter explains what caused the Chile earthquake and why the Latin American nation is so prone to huge temblors.

The death toll in Chile mounted to more than 800, with thousands still classified as missing. Many parts of the earthquake zone have yet to receive any significant quantity of aid: here.

Anger is mounting in Chile over the inadequacy and indifference that have characterized the government’s response to the earthquake of February 27: here. And here.

Havana has sent nine more doctors and paramedics to Chile to help earthquake victims and survivors there, taking the total number of Cubans involved in the aid effort to 4: here.

Chile’s Social Earthquake: here.

Chile’s Earthquake Reconstruction Hindered by Delays and Profiteering: here.

WEDNESDAY 10 MARCH 2010: In Chile, Bachelet Steps Down: here.

Shortly after his March 11 inauguration, President Sebastían Piñera extended the state of emergency in central Chile and re-imposed the curfew in the Concepción region: here.

2 thoughts on “Chilean earthquake aftermath

  1. Chile: Call for solidarity and support

    6 March 2010

    The call published below is being promoted by the Global Justice Ecology Project. The GJEP said in 2004, it “traveled to Chile for meetings with [indigenous] Mapuche organizations fighting the devastating impacts of industrial timber plantations.

    * * *

    “The outcome of the meetings was the formation of a partnership between GJEP and the Mapuche group Konapewman.

    “In 2005 we returned to the region and toured the coastal areas mentioned in the communique below, which were threatened by effluent from a pulp mill.

    “We completely support the request for support in this communique. Please help if you can.”

    Details for how to donate can be found at

    * * *

    Various civil society organisations of the IX Region (south-central Chile) are coordinating efforts to bring aid to the most affected communities in last Saturday’s earthquake, particularly coastal communities affected by the resulting tsunamis.

    This solidarity action is to be carried out in coordination with the indigenous and local authorities of the affected communities themselves.

    After gathering information about the affected areas, this collective of civil society and Mapuche organisations will begin by coordinating direct support to the hardest hit communities of Tolten, Saavedra and Tirua, where government aid has not yet arrived.

    This collective of organisations considers it urgent to bring support to these and other communities, and in particular to support the rebuilding of local organisations to ensure local capacity in distributing aid and reconstruction.

    We call on all organisations and citizens to contact the Observatorio Ciudadano, coordinating organisation in Temuco. A bank account will be available as of March 5 to receive donations that will be used to purchase and distribute non-perishable food ítems, hygiene products, batteries, sleeping bags, radios, etc., to affected communities. The first caravan will leave Temuco for the affected communities on March 5.

    The Observatorio can be contacted for more information about how to help at We are thankful for any type of solidarity support.

    Participating organisations: Observatorio Ciudadano; Fundacion Instituto Indígena; Agenda Regional AGRA; Red de Acción Ambiental RADA; GEDES; REDESOLES; Grupo de Trabajo por los derechos colectivos; Mapuexpress; CODEFF; Casa de Arte Mapuche; Comunidad Desarrollo Humano; CIISOC-UFRO.


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