Storks, buzzard, and great crested grebes

1 March, to the village.

In the ditch halfway, captive ducks: one male and one female goldeneye; one male and one female red-crested pochard.

Later, nuthatch sound. A white stork flying overhead.

On the white stork nest, two birds. Not storks: jackdaws. Trying to steal nest twigs? Looking for insects to eat?

On the castle pond in the nature reserve, a coot and three male and two female tufted ducks.

On the east side river, over ten tufted ducks and a few mallards.

On the meadow, a buzzard sitting. Many coots.

Three hares. Another white stork flying.

Back to the castle pond. Courtship dance of two great crested grebes. Two ring-necked parakeets flying overhead calling. Later, two more parakeets join them.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

The two white storks are back on their nest.

A song thrush’s song.

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