Honduras state terrorism continues

This video is called U.N. – Colombian Paramilitaries in Honduras.

Honduras‘s new right-wing government continued to take a hard line on Sunday, demanding the arrest of exiled former president Manuel Zelaya and stepping up a campaign of terror that has seen three opponents assassinated in the last month: here.

Ecuador: President Rafael Correa slated the dismissal of charges on Sunday against Colombia‘s top military commanders for their 2008 attack on a Farc rebel base in which 26 people died: here.

The 21st anniversary of the Caracazo rebellion was celebrated on Sunday which President Hugo Chavez said “heralded the beginning of the end of oppression and social exclusion in Venezuela“: here.

Honduras’s National People’s Resistance Front (NPRF) has declared that the opposition would organise a referendum calling for a constitutional assembly to mark the anniversary of the coup that ousted former leader Manuel Zelaya: here.

2 thoughts on “Honduras state terrorism continues

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