3 thoughts on “Economic crisis in USA, Indonesia

  1. One job’s not enough for most

    Work: An increasing number of people are being forced to take on a second job to make ends meet, according to research released on Monday.

    Employment law firm Peninsula conducted a survey of more than 1,000 adults which revealed that more people have two jobs now than last year – increasing from 26 per cent to 38 per cent.

    The firm warned that workers with two jobs could be storing up problems for their health and family relationships.



  2. Greece asked for more budget cuts

    EU: Officials have pressed the Greek government to impose yet more budget cuts in return for a “rescue package” from France and Germany.

    Europe’s financial affairs chief Olli Rehn urged Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou and Prime Minister George Papandreou to expand an austerity programme that has already slashed state spending.

    Paris and Berlin are preparing a bailout for Greece which is expected to be finalised this week.



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