Dutch Roman Catholic sexual abuse scandal bigger than thought

This video from Ireland is about clerical sexual abuse.

From Dutch NOS TV:

More reports of Roman Catholic Church sexual abuse

Updated: Monday Mar 1 2010, 20:45

Last weekend, sixteen reports were received about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. The reports were to the legal aid commission, established 15 years ago by the bishops to provide assistance to victims of sexual abuse by priests and other church workers.

The number of complaints that came in last weekend is approximately equal to the number that the commission normally receives in one year. The reason for this increase is the coverage of sexual abuse at a Catholic boarding school in ‘s-Heerenberg.

There were several Salesian Fathers in the sixties and seventies who have sexually abused children.


Dutch anti-Roman Catholic homophobia action

This is a video of the Sint Jan Cathedral in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Dutch walk out over homophobic communion

Monday 01 March 2010

Hundreds of people walked out of a Catholic church in the Netherlands on Sunday in protest at a priest’s refusal to give communion to a man on the grounds that he was homosexual.

People shouted and sang as they walked out of the Sint-Jan church in ‘s-Hertogenbosch a month after a priest in the nearby town of Reusel declined to give a communion wafer to an openly gay man during pre-lent celebrations.

Most Dutch people support equality for gay people, but the Catholic church insists on teaching that homosexual activity is sinful.

The man who was refused communion in Reusel said that all he wanted was to be treated the same as other Catholic congregants.

He said that if he was refused communion because he was a sinner, other sinners of all kinds should also have been banned from receiving the sacrament.

But ‘s-Hertogenbosch priest Antoine Bodar insisted that “receiving the wafer is not a right – someone is looking for a confrontation here.”

This is a Dutch video about the anti-homophobia action.

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Franco dictatorship crimes’ aftermath

This video says about itself:

Vicky Short of the World Socialist Web Site interviewed Montserrat Martinez about her campaign to discover the truth about the mass graves that contain the remains of Republicans and leftists killed by Franco‘s forces during the Spanish Civil War and his regime that followed. She told the WSWS about the exhumation of the grave containing the remains of her grandfather.

The Spanish Supreme Court has allowed the fascist party, the Falange, to join a private prosecution brought against Judge Baltazar Garzón because of his attempts to investigate the crimes of the Franco dictatorship: here.