Chile earthquake video

This video is about Chile when the 8.8 magnitude earthquake struck 200 miles north of the capital at a depth of 22 miles.

Chile Earthquake: Live Video and Updates: here.

Live cams from Hawaii. Tsunami hitting momentarily (4:05pm Eastern ish): here.

Approx. 150 Dead in Worst Pacific-Region Quake in Half-Century, Felt 1,800 Miles Away; Tsunami Warnings for Hawaii: here.

Earthquake in Chile: Real-time updates: here.

‘State of catastrophe’ is declared as tremors devastate the city of Concepción and Pacific coast countries are put on wave alert: here.

Santiago, Chile (CNN) — A massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake rocked Chile early Saturday, killing at least 214 people and triggering a tsunami that reached Hawaii 16 hours later: here.

Chile Earthquake: Quake Spurs Tsunami Threat: here.

Nearly a half million people in Japan were ordered to higher ground on Sunday, as coastal areas across the vast Pacific region braced for lethal tsunami waves. But only small waves appeared, and there were no reports of damage: here.

1 thought on “Chile earthquake video

  1. Chile: Elderly resort to drug smuggling

    “Elderly pensioners in Chile struggling to make ends meet are being lured by the narcotics trade, changing the profile of drug dealers, police say …

    “Most of the women apprehended this year have no prior criminal record and are targeted for work by traffickers because they live in poor areas, do not have liveable pensions and are too old to find a job, police say.”

    — A February 15 AFP article.


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