New Binyam Mohamed torture revelations

This video from Britain is called David Davis MP accuses MI5 of ‘outsourcing torture‘.

From Al Jazeera:

Banned text on UK’s MI5 published

Mohamed claims he was tortured in ‘medieval ways’ and that MI5 colluded with his abusers

Previously secret comments by a senior British judge criticising the country’s secret services over torture claims in a draft judgement on a former Guantanamo Bay detainee have been made public.

In remarks from a ruling earlier this month in the case of Binyam Mohamed, Lord David Neuberger said some members of the security services seemed to have a “dubious record” with regard to human rights and coercive techniques.

The comments from Neuberger, head of the civil justice system in England and Wales, were previously removed from the ruling following a complaint from Jonathan Sumption, a lawyer representing the government.

Ivor Judge, the head of the judiciary, said on Friday that the information had been published in “the interests of open justice”.

See also here.

MI5 deceived parliament – the judges decide: here.

Yet another judge criticised British spies for their complicity in torture last week. And yet again the government responded with lies: here.

British Government seeks to cover up evidence of rendition to torture in the case of Mohammed Saad Iqbal Madni, ghost prisoner rendered through Diego Garcia: here.

Learning nothing from Binyam Mohamed’s case, the government is again covering up complicity in rendition and torture: here.

‘THE Government today asked two High Court Judges to allow them to cover up evidence of torture even more thoroughly than they did in the case of Binyam Mohamed,’ said legal charity Reprieve on Thursday: here.

The government has been accused of yet again attempting to cover up its complicity in kidnap and torture after it tried to have secret evidence submitted to the High Court at the 11th hour: here.

A dedicated unit will examine allegations of abuse by British military personnel in Iraq, the government has announced: here.

More evidence is emerging that the British government is allowing its territory of Diego Garcia to be used for torture: here.

Former British resident Ahmed Belbacha is beyond any doubt the forgotten man of Guantanamo. A tragic figure, who although declared innocent after eight years of false imprisonment, cannot leave as he has no country to return to: here.

US legislators voted to extend controversial provisions of the notorious Bush-era Patriot Act on Thursday: here. And here.

The Justice Department investigation into whether the authors of the Bush-era “torture memos” were guilty of professional misconduct did not have full access to the emails used by those lawyers and by other key figures in the investigation, including former Attorney General John Ashcroft and former counsel to the Vice President David Addington: here.

USA: Human rights abuses: Bush’s policies continued: here.

The Federal Court unanimously dismissed the Rudd government’s application to terminate former Guantánamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib’s claim for compensation for alleged Australian complicity in torture: here.

Human rights group Reprieve has warned that an Algerian Guantanamo detainee who has been cleared of all charges faces “torture and persecution” after Algiers and Washington inked a legal co-operation deal that could lead to his forceable return: here.

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