Haitian disaster and Canadian power politics

This video about Haiti is called Aristide and the Endless Revolution (Part 1/6).

Canada’s Conservative government has been anxious to assert a leading role in the relief and reconstruction of Haiti, so as to advance the interests of Canada’s corporate elite in the Caribbean and assert Canada’s claim to be a major power: here.

New Haitian school under strain as earthquake victims find refuge in Key Biodiversity Area: here.

Darwin Initiative commits to building a future for Haiti‘s unique biodiversity: here.

Haiti At Risk for More Damaging Earthquakes This Year: here.

One of the most engrossing films at the Berlinale was the new film by Raoul Peck. After treating developments in a number of African countries in his more recent films, Peck has turned his attention to his native Haiti: here.

Haiti: not just a natural disaster: here.

“Haiti–The Politics of Rebuilding”: A Video Report from Avi Lewis of Al Jazeera: here.

Haiti: Solidarity needed, not charity: here.

Clinton Family Pockets Haiti Assets in Telephone Company Privatization, Says Pumphrey: here.

Haiti’s government has made an urgent plea for more aid to help elderly and disabled people struggling to survive in the ruins left by the devastating January 12 earthquake: here.

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