Poetry and music

This music video is Pardon My French (Live) – PaPeDoN GuFuS.

On 23 February, there was poetry and music in the theatre.

The music was by PaPedoN GuFuS. Two women on vocals and keyboards (one Roland and one Korg), singing their own songs. Their third song’s title was their band name.

Then, the presentation of a new poetry book.

Four poets who had contributed to the book, read poems.

First, Pit van Nes, with poems about her mother and getting older.

Then Susanne Metaal, with poems on her mother; the female beauty myth and business; and the environment.

Then, Wijnand Noot, with a sonnet, a poem on computers and love, and one about language.

Then, Frans Terken with poems about Berlin and spring.

After the pause, yours truly with a column/poem on the local elections and the Afghan war.

Then, piano music and singing by Hilbert Elsinga, a criminology student.

Finally, a second set by PaPedoN GuFuS.

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