Australian racist Pauline Hanson becomes immigrant

This video says about itself:

Aug 1998 Exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Pauline Hanson and her ‘One Nation‘ party. Produced by ABC Australia. Distributed by Journeyman Pictures.

By Simon Butler in Australia:

Pauline Hanson to become a migrant

21 February 2010

When the anti-immigration politician Pauline Hanson was asked if she was a xenophobe in a 1996 interview on Sixty Minutes, she famously responded: “please explain”. Now, with the news that she intends to become an immigrant herself, it seems she doesn’t understand the word “hypocrite” either.

The former One Nation leader told Woman’s Day that she intended to move from Australia to Britain.

Nick Griffin, leader of the ultra-right British National Party, also campaigns against immigration. But he told the February 17 Sydney Morning Herald he makes an exception in Hanson’s case.

“She would not be a sponger. We would regard her as a good addition … as [Britain’s] most recent immigrant, she will be very welcome if she wants to join and become involved”, he said.

While continuing to posture as an “anti-elite” party, Pauline Hanson’s anti-immigrant One Nation is making a definite pitch to become a pivotal part of the Australian parliamentary establishment. Buoyed by Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, Hanson is seeking to channel intense popular discontent, produced by decades of pro-market economic restructuring and widening social inequality, in reactionary nationalist directions: here.

Buoyed by US President Donald Trump’s election, Pauline Hanson’s anti-immigrant One Nation party has declared its intention to take government, or at least win the parliamentary “balance of power,” in a number of Australian states, notably Western Australia (WA) and Hanson’s home state of Queensland. The first test of Hanson’s ambition will come in the WA state election on March 11, followed by an election due in Queensland by early next year: here.

A preferential vote deal struck by the Liberal Party with Pauline Hanson’s right-wing One Nation party for the March 11 Western Australian state election has sharpened the political crisis within the Liberal-National Coalition across the country: here.

Unison women’s conference 2010: Anti-fascist organisations must highlight the anti-women views of the BNP as part of their fight to defeat the far-right, delegates have urged: here.

Gordon Brown officially apologised this week for the shameful and barbaric chapter in this country’s chequered history which saw the shipping of thousands of British children to Australia and elsewhere as part of the child migrant programme: here.

THE Orange Order has refused to disassociate itself from a leading member who is due to stand as a BNP candidate in the Westminster election: here.

Welcome, the ironically titled latest feature by French director Philippe Lioret, is an intelligent antidote to the ongoing drum-beat of government and media dehumanisation of undocumented immigrants in France and internationally: here.

16 thoughts on “Australian racist Pauline Hanson becomes immigrant

  1. One immigrant we don’t want here

    How ironic that Pauline Hanson, one of Australia’s staunchest anti-immigrant bigots, is poised to emigrate to Britain.

    The irony will be lost on her as she, no doubt, believes she has a god-given right to go anywhere she pleases as she is white.

    Immigration was very much about race for Hanson. In the mid-1990s she began her parliamentary career by launching an attack on indigenous people. She then called to limit the number of Asians entering Australia.

    She wasn’t the sharpest knife in the block, but she had a style that allowed her to tap in to the deep reservoirs of Australian racism.

    The debate that her racist bile engendered provided a convenient right wing cover for the then Tory prime minister to implement almost all of her disgusting ideas under the guise of sensible policy.

    It’s a reminder to us all to be vigilant in our fight against the fascist British National Party, which has said that Hanson is one immigrant it wants in Britain.

    Get lost Pauline Hanson – immigrants are welcome here but racist filth like you most certainly are not.

    Steve Cilia and Sam Traies, East London


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