Wigeon and kestrel

Today, to the park to the south-east of the city.

Much of the water is still frozen. In a waterhole three male wigeon and one female, one male mallard, and a coot.

In another waterhole a few more of these three species.

Two buzzards circling in the air. A kestrel.

At the grey heron colony, the birds are already building their nests.

In a meadow: scores of grey lag geese, about ten Canada geese, and scores of gadwall ducks.

This is a gadwall video.

A male pheasant in the forest. Snowdrops coming just out of the forest floor.

The canals where we saw so many wigeon a few months ago are frozen. However, a bit further they are open, and there we see big groups of wigeon. Also many coots and a few great cormorants.

A kestrel, hovering. Then, it dives to the ground and catches a prey (a vole??). The kestrel flies to a fence to sit down for its meal.

On our way back, a ring-necked parakeet flying over the city center.

2 thoughts on “Wigeon and kestrel

  1. Hi Kitty, By the way. I just saw a kestrel across the road. They’re uncommon here because they get pushed out by the more common Red Shouldered Hawks. Between hawks in the day time and many owls at night there is not much room for falcons here. Too bad because I really like kestrels.


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