New nuclear plant in the USA

This video series from the USA is called MELTDOWN AT THREE MILE ISLAND.

US anti-nuke activists accused US President Barack Obama of risking public safety on Wednesday after he unveiled a loan guarantee to a private firm tasked with building the first new US nuclear plant in 30 years: here. And here.

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NRA) voted four-to-one May 29, 1985, to restart one of the reactors at Three Mile Island in south-central Pennsylvania, the site of a partial meltdown in 1979: here.

Australia: Federal resources minister Martin Ferguson announced on February 23 that he intends to pursue plans for a national radioactive waste repository at Muckaty, 120km north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory: here.

4 thoughts on “New nuclear plant in the USA

  1. If this happens, US would become the war zone of the nation. The Obama nuclear agenda apparently consists of more than just dealing with Iran – Obama wants a nuclear power plant or two built. He and the Department of Energy have just agreed to underwrite and guarantee loans in excess of $8 billion (it takes more than a few payday loans to build a power plant) for the construction
    of two new power plants in Georgia, both capable of generating over 1100 MWe each (so that’s about 2,200 MWe total), on a couple thousand acres. By contrast, a wind power plant takes up almost 100,000 acres to produce less than 800 MWe. 1 MWe is about the equivalent amount of energy (irrespective of watt hours) used powering 1000 homes.


  2. Hi hesti_B, the article to which you linked is rather one-sided pro nuclear. Though it does mention risks, it does not mention which risks (like lethal accidents like in Three Mile Island or Chernobyl; like nuclear waste which may be lethal after 2000 years). While the article has one sided “booster” PR claims about supposed benefits of nuclear energy.


  3. Vermont blocks nuclear plant

    United States: Vermont legislators voted 26-4 on Wednesday to block the only nuclear plant in the New England state from operating after its licence expires in 2012.

    The vote conflicts with the agenda of US President Barack Obama, who has called for a resurgence of fission reactors as a renewable source of electric power.

    Vermont is the only state in the US with a law giving its legislature a say over a nuclear plant’s relicensing.


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