Haiti’s disaster survivors starve, corporations profit

This video is called Naomi Klein Issues Haiti Disaster Capitalism Alert.

Haiti’s wealthy ruling elite and US corporations are looking forward to increased riches and big profits off of post-earthquake reconstruction as millions of working class and poor people face the threat of starvation and infectious epidemics: here.

A new report released by the Inter-American Development Bank declares the disaster still unfolding in Haiti as the worst in modern history: here.

Naomi Klein on How Corporate Branding has Taken Over America: here.

2 thoughts on “Haiti’s disaster survivors starve, corporations profit

  1. Mudslide kills four children

    Haiti: A mudslide partially destroyed a school in Cap-Haitien on Monday, killing at least four children and wounding two others.

    A civil protection official said that the accident had been caused by four days of heavy rain.

    Officials warn that the rainy season threatens to worsen the current situation in camps where an estimated 1.2 million people made homeless by last month’s earthquake still reside.



  2. Firm exploits quake disaster

    United States: Authorities said 11 people exploited the catastrophic 2010 earthquake in Haiti to illegally sell stock in a US company.

    The Securities and Exchange Commission said on Wednesday that the company netted about $1 million (£617,000) in profits.

    Ringleader Kevin Sepe and others promoted the stock of Recycle Tech, a company they touted was committed to building 50 container homes in Haiti after the quake. But the SEC says that the company never had money to do such work.



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