Economic crisis news

This video is called Greek Workers Strike, Want Bankers to Pay.

Greek customs officials and Finance Ministry staff have kicked off fresh strike action against the Socialist government’s drive to make working people pay off the country’s debt to international financiers: here.

In the first day of its two-day session, the Eurogroup meeting of European finance ministers in Brussels yesterday issued calls for more social cuts in Greece, as tensions rose between the major powers over whether to fund a bailout of the debt-stricken country: here.

How speculators make their profits and accumulate fortunes on the backs of the Greek people: here.

Barclays, Britain’s third-largest bank, has reported blockbuster profits of £11.6bn for 2009: here. And here.

Left economists have derided a bid by top Barclays chiefs to defuse public anger over the banking crisis by waiving their own bonuses – pointing out the firm’s president was already sitting on a £22m share deal: here.

In North Dakota, America’s Only ‘Socialist’ Bank Is Thriving During The Downturn: here.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced plans to close New York City’s $4.9 billion budget deficit, slashing the jobs and wages of municipal employees and cutting vital social services for the city’s residents: here.

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King has been forced to write an explanatory letter to Chancellor Alistair Darling after official figures showed that inflation shot up to 3.5 per cent last month: here.

Britain’s “fragile” recovery from recession is under threat if bosses continue to freeze their workers’ pay, the TUC has warned: here.

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