Economic crisis, workers resist

Wall Street bonuses, cartoon from the USA

USA: After a record year for Wall Street profits, details of the multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses paid to hundreds of individuals at financial firms have begun to trickle out: here.

Flint, Michigan: Four children were killed in a tragic fire in an apartment on Saturday night. The closest fire department was recently closed due to budget cuts: here.

New York City’s St. Vincent’s Hospital may be forced to shut its doors for good, following the withdrawal of an offer made by a large hospital network that would have kept the hospital open by eliminating services: here.

Britain: Ever since the banks brought the economy of the country to the edge of meltdown and were bailed out by massive injections of public money, the question of how the bail-out could be paid for has loomed large: here.

Fire Brigade Union (FBU) members in London are to vote on industrial action ‘up to and including strikes’ by 24 June: here.

Over two hundred workers and youth marched and rallied against the planned closure of King George Hospital, Ilford on Saturday: here.

A campaign has been launched by unions and campaigners to fight off any plans to close or downgrade services at hospitals in south-west London: here.

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