Honduras, a death squad ‘democracy’

This video says about itself:

A UN panel said this week that Honduran landowners have reportedly hired former Colombian paramilitaries as mercenaries to protect them against possible violence stemming from government tensions. The panel also says that separately, a 120-person group of paramilitaries from several countries in that region was reportedly created to support the coup in Honduras itself.

With the restoration of diplomatic ties and the resumption of aid and credits, Honduras has been welcomed back into the fold of “democratic” nations, even as the organizers of last June’s coup remain at their posts and death squad murders continue: here.

TEGUCIGALPA, Feb 26, 2010 (IPS) – Less than a month into his term, Honduran President Porfirio Lobo is facing street protests, complaints of human rights violations, and criticism of the truth commission he set up to investigate the Jun. 28 coup that overthrew President Manuel Zelaya: here.

Honduras: Partial list of resistance members murdered by pro-capitalists: here.

Honduras: COFADEH Register of Political Murders since Coup: here.

Honduras: Neither Forget Nor Forgive, Cries the Resistance: here.

Dole Foods and Chiquita may be on the verge of facing justice for ‘pacifying’ their work force, suppressing labor unions and terrorizing peasant squatters in Colombia: here.

13 thoughts on “Honduras, a death squad ‘democracy’

  1. President to keep military coup chief

    Honduras: The new right-wing president is keeping in place the military chief who oversaw the June coup against his elected predecessor.

    An armed forces spokesman said on Tuesday that President Porfirio Lobo had informed General Romeo Vasquez, who was in charge when soldiers flew Manuel Zelaya out of the country at gunpoint, that he “is in no hurry to make changes to the military leadership.”

    Last month, the Supreme Court cleared Gen Vasquez and five other top-ranking officers of any wrongdoing in the coup, ruling that they had not acted with malice and had not abused their authority.



  2. Honduran leader ‘is not legitimate’

    Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez insisted on Sunday that new right-wing Honduran President Porfirio Lobo is not legitimate.

    Arriving at Cancun airport for a Group of Rio Summit, Mr Chavez said: “The only legitimate president of Honduras is called Manuel Zelaya.”

    Mr Lobo took office in January after winning presidential elections held by the regime that seized power in the June coup last year.



  3. Condemn Political Repression in Honduras

    Demand an end to tortures, rapes, abductions, assassinations and all political repression and human rights violations by the illegitimate Porfirio Lobo government in Honduras.

    Withdraw U.S. recognition of the illegitimate, coup-based Lobo government.

    Let the Honduran People restore democracy through convening the Constitutional Convention they have been demanding to rebuild their country on a basis of equality and justice.
    Sign the Emergency Petition! at http://www.iacenter.org/honduras/condemnhonduranrepression

    Texto en Español

    Dear friends,

    The situation in Honduras is turning more difficult and dangerous for the people opposing the coup. The repression and human rights violations against the leaders of the National Popular Front of Resistance, particularly trade unionists, women, persons from the LGBT community and reporters is becoming a policy of the new government and it will only increase with the signing of treaties in matters of defense and surveillance with the pro-U.S., fascist, paramilitary government of Alvaro Uribe of Colombia.

    The United States, by orchestrating and supporting this coup since the very beginning, and by openly recognizing the Lobo government as one that supposedly will bring ‘peace and democracy’ to the people of Honduras, yet not recognizing the human rights violations and demanding from the international community to do the same, is clearly working on behalf of its own interests of domination of the region and its profit-hungry corporations.

    The coup in Honduras has not only been a criminal act against the people of Honduras, but also a message to all the governments of the region that are working on behalf of their peoples and not on behalf the U.S. corporations. The message is clear: “the United States will encourage coups against you”, bringing back the era of military dictatorships of the 70′ and 80’s that massacred thousands of Latin Americans.

    We encourage you to sign the following petition but to not stop after you sign online. Please use the text or modify it as you see fit to write letters to your newspapers, call radio talk shows and make a commentary, print it and give it out to friends, relatives and coworkers. In short, try in every way possible to expose this crime which is just the beginning of a new U.S. intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean to regain its criminal domination.

    The peoples of the region will thank you. The only thing they want is to build their countries free of foreign domination, live in peace and have a better life for them and the new generations to come.

    Thank you
    International Action Center

    Sign the Emergency Petition! at http://www.iacenter.org/honduras/condemnhonduranrepression

    Petition Text:
    To: President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

    CC: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Congressional Leaders, media representatives

    STOP the political repression and human rights abuses in Honduras

    Withdraw U.S. Government Recognition of the illigitimate Porfirio Lobo government in Honduras

    Let the people of Honduras convene the Constitutional Assembly they have been demanding to rebuild the country on a basis of equality and justice

    On November 29, 2009 Porfirio Lobo became the president of Honduras. Contrary to what the United States Department of State affirms, these elections were not TRANSPARENT. Most Hondurans rejected these elections since they were held under an illegitimate, unconstitutional and criminal de facto government that was the product of a military coup against the legitimate and democratically elected President, José Manuel Zelaya.

    The elections were held in a climate of systematic violence and repression of the people who opposed the coup. Since June 28, 2009 according to CODEH (Committee in Defense of Human Rights in Honduras), this violence has led to 150 political assassinations, thousands of arrests, torture, kidnapping, harassment and exile of many members of the resistance, which is grouped under the National Popular Front of Resistance to the Coup (FNRP).

    This violence has not diminished since Lobo’s Jan. 27, 2010 inauguration. On the contrary, the new government, which is a mere continuation of the coup regime, is upholding and legitimizing the repression against the Resistance. The Lobo government has, with ample international news coverage, announced the establishment of a “process of national reconciliation” and a “truth commission” that would find out and presumably punish crimes committed during the coup. This, however, is a complete travesty and a smokescreen to clean up its image in order to be accepted by the international community.

    For this illegal government has kept in their posts the military chief, commanders and the defense minister responsible for the criminal coup; and the so called Truth Commission refuses to investigate the persistent violations of human rights.

    Since Lobo took office, the political persecution, intimidation and violence against leaders of the resistance by repressive and paramilitary forces allied to the police and army have continued unabated. In the first three weeks of his presidency the following has occurred:

    Peasants from the Unified Peasant Movement of Aguán were shot at and wounded by army and police on the day of Lobo’s inauguration;

    On Feb. 2, two videographers who cover the resistance were temporarily abducted and tortured.

    The following day, the body of 29-year-old union leader Vanessa Zepeda was found after she had been kidnapped and tortured.

    On Feb. 10, Edgar Martínez, his spouse, two brothers and a friend were temporarily kidnapped and tortured. Two women were raped.

    On Feb. 11, two men raided the home of Porfirio Ponce, resistance leader and vice-president of STYBIS, the beverage industry workers union whose Tegucigalpa headquarters serves as the resistance’s main office. The men took Ponce’s computer and spilled blood on his bed as a warning.

    Hermes Reyes, member of the Artists Movement in Resistance, was temporarily abducted and tortured on Feb 12.

    Three days later, Julio Fúnez Benítez, an active member of the resistance and the Union of Workers of SANAA, the National Service of Water and Sewage Systems, was shot dead by two paramilitaries on a motorcycle.

    Under these circumstances of extreme violence, there is no possibility of “reconciliation.”

    I condemn these acts of violence.

    I further condemn the government of the United States for its involvement, support of and assistance to the Honduran army and those involved in the coup and its silence in the face of these human rights violations.

    Therefore I demand:

    * The immediate end of the political persecution and intimidation of the members of the National Popular Front of Resistance.
    * The removal from office of the perpetrators of the military coup.
    * That the United States government withdraw recognition of the Porfirio Lobo government.
    * That a truly independent commission be established with the participation of the people of Honduras to investigate human rights violations and crimes against humanity.
    * That the people of Honduras be free to convene the Constitutional Assembly that they have been demanding in order to rebuild their country on a basis of equality and justice.

    (your signature will be added based on the contact information you provide)

    Sign the Emergency Petition! at http://www.iacenter.org/honduras/condemnhonduranrepression


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