Winter Olympics and human rights

This video from Canada shows how a police state is being set up for Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics.

The billion-dollar security operation being mounted in conjunction with the Winter Olympic Games will turn Vancouver, a metropolitan region of more than two million people, into a quasi-police state for the duration of the Games: here.

The Afghan war and the Winter Olympics: here.

Vancouver Winter Olympics: A festival of corporate greed: here.

London Assembly members have warned that the virtual privatisation of the capital’s 2012 Olympics site after the Games end will “risk isolating” some of Britain’s poorest communities.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Olympics and human rights

  1. Vancouver Winter Olympics: A festival of corporate greed

    By Roger Annis

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada — On February 12, 2010, the
    corporate sporting behemoth known as the 21st Winter Olympic Games
    opened to great fanfare here. In a time of economic hardship and
    government cuts to social programs across Canada, huge sums of public
    money have been spent to stage this uber spectacle.

    * Read more


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