Swedish nazi Auschwitz sign thief arrested

This music video is Spike Jones’ song “Der Fuehrer’s Face”. Lyrics are here.

From Associated Press:

Suspect in Auschwitz sign theft arrested in Sweden

Thursday, February 11, 2010; 9:23 AM

STOCKHOLM — Swedish authorities say a man wanted in Poland in connection with the theft of a famous sign at Auschwitz has been arrested in Stockholm.

Prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnstrom says 34-year-old Anders Hogstrom was arrested Thursday on a European arrest warrant.

Qvarnstrom says Hogstrom will be appointed a defense lawyer and questioned by Swedish investigators before authorities can decide on extraditing him to Poland.

Polish officials have said Hogstrom is suspected of incitement to commit theft of a cultural treasure.

The sign was stolen in December from the site of the Nazis’ former Auschwitz death camp in Poland. Polish police found the sign in the woods three days later, and charged five Polish men with its theft.

Neo-nazi Hogström (Associated Press forgot the dots on the ö) is the ex-Führer of the Swedish National Socialist Front.

See also here.

2 thoughts on “Swedish nazi Auschwitz sign thief arrested

  1. Auschwitz sign thief convicted

    POLAND: A court has sentenced a Swedish man to two years and eight months in prison for the theft of the notorious “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign from the former nazi death camp at Auschwitz.

    Today a Krakow judge approved a settlement that Anders Hogstrom reached with Polish prosecutors. Mr Hogstrom, who had confessed to involvement in the theft in December 2009, was convicted of instigating it.



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