Treecreeper and jay

Today, temperature mostly below zero centigrade. A bit of snow in the morning, but later most of it is already away.

On my way to the village, quite some snowdrop flowers, plus the odd crocus.

A robin in front of a door.

From the window, a great tit at a feeder. Below it, a blackbird and a robin waiting for food bits to fall down from the feeder.

This is a short-toed treecreeper video.

A short-toed treecreeper creeping up a tree.

A blue tit.

In the nature reserve, a female great spotted woodpecker in a tree. Nuthatch sound.

In the water east of the reserve: coots, mallards, tufted ducks. Maybe gadwall ducks, but they fly away too fast to be 100% sure.

On the forest floor: a jay and redwings.

On the meadow: a hare and a lapwing.

Leucistic Blue jay from Oklahoma City: here.

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