Poetry afternoon

Corn market bridge in Leiden

This afternoon, I read my poems at a cafe not far from the early nineteenth century corn market bridge in Leiden.

I was first on stage. The presenter asked me for my Iraq war poem. However, this time I had just brought two poems: a short one on various things called “new”. And a long one, about Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet.

After me, Joost van Gijzen; with short poems on subjects like gym teachers and girls.

Then, Ton Jansen, about subjects like getting older.

During the break, there was supposed to be live music by Olav Quist en Lucien van Dalen. However, they did not turn up, so during pauses there was recorded Nina Simone music.

Then, poems by Peter van den Berg, on subjects like snow and girls.

Pepijn Moerman is a chemistry student besides being a poet. He read poems about the weather and about getting older.

Robin Veen had also weather poetry. And a poem about Icarus.

Then, slam poetry by Jaap Montagne, on a knitting machine, the Internet, the economic crisis and the flower pimpernel, and other subjects.

Then Daniel Dee, from Rotterdam. Some of his poems were about the weather.

Finally, David Boelee with a long slam poem on a relationship.

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