Economic crisis in the USA and Britain

Recession in the USA, cartoon

USA: The Obama administration’s 2011 budget proposal contains sweeping changes to funding for primary and secondary education, in particular altering the distribution of funds for poor and working class school districts: here.

USA: Even prior to the current economic crisis, today’s young adults were on average poorer and more in debt than their parents. Since the economic meltdown began in 2008, however, conditions facing young people have taken a sharp turn for the worse: here.

IN ‘going-broke Britain’ the number of people becoming insolvent in England and Wales in 2009 was 134,142, according to official data from the Insolvency Service. In the fourth quarter of last year alone, 35,574 people became insolvent, up 24.9 per cent from the last three months of 2008: here.

1 thought on “Economic crisis in the USA and Britain

  1. Diageo pleased by recession drinking

    Alcohol: People are boozing their way through recession, Diageo have claimed, as strong domestic markets bucked falling first-half sales across the group.

    The drinks firm said it had benefited from several marketing drives over the year.

    20,000 rush to join the police

    Jobs: A police force recruitment hotline could not cope with the demand when an incredible 20,000 people called in one day to apply for just 60 officer jobs, the force has revealed.

    North Yorkshire Police was overwhelmed by the “unprecedented” response to a recruitment drive for new officers when the campaign launched on Monday.

    The force had to set up a new alternative telephone number for applicants to dial after the original hotline experienced “unforeseen technical difficulties” due to the high number of calls.

    No love lost for a fat-cat banker

    Relationships: They have wrecked the economy but now it seems bankers may have also wrecked their chances of finding love.

    In the wake of the credit crunch and fat-cat bonuses, men working in finance have become the biggest turn-off for women, a survey from dating agency has suggested.


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