Economic crisis news

Recession in the USA, cartoonStock markets in Europe and Asia fell sharply Friday in the second day of a near-panic selloff fueled by fears that the debt crisis facing weaker European economies will throw the world economy into a “double-dip” recession: here.

The official US unemployment rate fell to 9.7 percent in January, despite 20,000 jobs lost, according to the Labor Department. Revised figures show a sharp increase in the number of jobs wiped out since the beginning of the recession: here.

Opposition is growing as school districts across Michigan prepare to close schools, lay off teachers and privatize services in response to the huge funding cuts imposed by Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm and the state legislature: here.

Oregon voters approve higher taxes for wealthy and corporations: here.

36% of Americans, 53% of Dems positive about socialism: here.

[Sri Lankan] President Rajapakse delivered the annual independence speech on Thursday, outlining his government’s agenda. In the name of rebuilding the nation, he is preparing an economic offensive against the working class: here.

On 2nd February the major European multinational corporations, united in the European Round Table of Industrialists published a statement of opinion, For a competitive Europe in 2025: here.

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