Haitians still not getting enough help

Three weeks after the January 12 earthquake leveled most of Port-au-Prince and claimed the lives of over 200,000 people, anger in Haiti over the slow pace of relief and the impotence of President Rene Preval’s government has erupted into protests: here.

After the January 12 earthquake that devastated Haiti, the French government has moved to quell political opposition in Europe to the US military occupation of Haiti: here.

AS PEOPLE are pouring their hearts and money towards Haiti’s earthquake relief efforts, two issues have come to my attention. First, the issue of “security” and the extent to which defense is prioritized over health care. Secondly, the issue of health and building an infrastructure that provides free comprehensive health care to everyone: here.

Britain: A petition with more than 15,000 signatures has been handed to the Treasury asking Chancellor Alistair Darling to call on the IMF to cancel Haiti‘s £560 million international debt: here.

Swiss court awards Haiti funds to Baby Doc Duvalier: here.

2 thoughts on “Haitians still not getting enough help

  1. Protesters accuse corrupt officials

    Haiti: Hunger has turned to anger in Port-au-Prince as hundreds of protesters marched through the streets accusing local officials of demanding bribes for donated food.

    Hungry protesters marched along a broad avenue in the capital, claiming that some local officials were demanding 50 gourdes (about 80p) in return for coupons entitling people to donated food from the UN World Food Programme.

    The WFP said that it had reached more than 300,000 people through the coupon programme, but needed to reach two million.



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