Asteroid named after Dutch feminist

This is a Dutch video about Aletta Jacobs.

Translated from Dutch astronomy site Alles over sterrenkunde:

Four new ‘Dutch’ asteroids

February 1, 2010

Since last Saturday, four new ‘Dutch’ asteroids are circling around in our solar system. They are named after the first Dutch female physician and champion of women’s suffrage Aletta Jacobs, the 17th-century master painter Pieter Jansz. Saenredam (well known for his realistic church interiors), the 17th-century pastor and language purist Samuel Ampzing, and the 18-19th-century physician, poet and lecturer in Natural History at Leiden University Dr Joannes le Francq van Berkhey.

The four asteroids move several hundred millions of miles from the sun in the space between the planets Mars and Jupiter.

Mesmerizing Video Shows Every Asteroid Discovered In The Last 30 Years: here.

NASA’s space probe Dawn is on its way to Vesta, scheduled to settle into orbit around the solar system’s second largest asteroid on July 16th, about a month from now. On June 1st, when Dawn was still 480,000 km (300,000 miles) away from Vesta, it captured a series of navigational images that have been put together into a short animation: here.

Dawn spacecraft reaches the asteroid Vesta: here.

Asteroid Vesta Provides Hints of How Earth Came Together: here.

Life on planet Mars? Here.

Wrap up warm, little green men: Snowstorms on Mars may dwarf those on Earth: here.

The Mars’ “Methane Debate” – Biology or Geology? Here.

Are Mars and Titan geologically dead? Here.

The solar system is surrounded by a bunch of abject failures, a new discovery suggests. Astronomers have found the nearest known brown dwarf, or failed star, residing about 9 light-years from Earth: here.

Astronomers find evidence of extreme weather on brown dwarf 2MASS 2139: here.

For the first time in the history of the search for planets outside the solar system, astronomers have observed a planet going from one side of its parent star to the other: here.

Home computer finds rare pulsar: here.

Black widow pulsar is fattest collapsed star yet: here.

Kepler 16b: NASA Discovers ‘Star Wars’-Like Planet With Two Suns (PHOTOS, VIDEO): here.

Presenting the future of astronomy: here.

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