3 thoughts on “Barbara Ehrenreich about ‘positive thinking’

  1. Hi Jon, I am rather familiar with these “New Age” subjects (which also exist in Christian Right mode).

    I see that you have been rather busy blogging, so best wishes for your blog and for you!

  2. ‘Praying parents’ guilty over death

    United States: A couple has been found guilty of criminally negligent homicide for praying over their dying son instead of seeking medical help.

    Prosecutors said that Jeff and Marci Beagley, both members of the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City, had a duty as parents to provide medical care for their 16-year-old son Neil, who died in June 2008 from a urinary tract blockage.

    State authorities have found that a disproportionate number of children whose families belonged to the Followers of Christ had died at an early age.


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