New colour-changing frog discovered in Papua New Guinea

All change for the Papua New Guinea frog Oreophryne ezra (left: a young frog and right: an older member of the same species)

From the BBC:

New species of Papua New Guinea frog changes colour

By Jody Bourton

Earth News reporter

A new species of frog undergoes a remarkable transformation as it grows into an adult, report scientists.

Shiny black juvenile frogs with yellow spots dramatically change into peach coloured adults with bright blue eyes.

Scientists discovered the unique frog in a remote part of Papua New Guinea.

The bright pattern of the young frog could act as a warning colouration to predators, they say, but it is a mystery why the adult then loses this colour.

The scientists from Bishop Museum in Honolulu, Hawaii, US report their findings in the journal Copeia.

The obviously unusual biology of this frog made its discovery especially exciting
Dr Fred Kraus
Bishop Museum, Hawaii, US

Amphibian species come in a range of colours and patterns, from the brightly patterned poison dart frogs to the plainer greens of the common toad.

After metamorphosising from a tadpole, some frogs change in colour as they get older.

However, it is unknown for juveniles and adults of a species to have strikingly different colour and pattern schemes.

The research team came across the new species of frog Oreophryne ezra while on a expedition to find new species on Sudest Island, Louisiade Archipelago, off the south-eastern tip of New Guinea.

Of the new species they found, the frog particularly caught their attention.

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3 thoughts on “New colour-changing frog discovered in Papua New Guinea


    PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Logging Violence and Corruption Flare in Ramu, Madang’s Mighty Rainforests

    By Rainforest Portal – a project of Ecological Internet
    February 6, 2010


    Local landowner initiated court case has shut down logging for two months. The PNG Forest Authority’s review of the granting of the right to log to notorious Rimbunan Hijau of Malaysia in Ramu River valley expected soon. Industry and corrupt government officials pulling out all stops to re-grant permit to this violent and corrupt criminal-enterprise. Massive cash payments and brutal violence – to intimidate communities resisting logging – is rife. Yet local protest to logging continues to intensify in Madang, as do calls to end all industrial primary rainforest logging in PNG.




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