War criminal Blair profits from economic crisis

This video is about lies told by Tony Blair and others in order to start the Iraq war.

From AMERICablog:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blair to cash in working for hedge fund

by Chris in Paris on 1/26/2010 05:19:00 AM

Cashing in with a hedge fund? In 2010? Really? In this climate, is offering increased access to politicians really ethical? For many it’s going to appear as though Blair is helping the troubled hedge fund industry to gain additional power and support inside the political machine. Helping a hedge fund receive more beneficial treatment after cashing in on the fall of the British banks is not likely to be viewed positively but he doesn’t care as long as the cash arrives. He hasn’t had any issues working for JP Morgan, so this is not much more of a stretch.

The real Blair shows more and more every day. It’s always about Tony Blair and nothing or no one else.

From British daily The Guardian:

Tony Blair will add to the riches he has made since leaving office after agreeing to become a paid speaker for Lansdowne Partners, a London-based hedge fund managed by a major Tory party donor.

Blair will give some private speeches to staff of the Mayfair-based fund this year, potentially earning him hundreds of thousands of pounds, it has emerged.

Tony Blair’s latest job with a hedge fund firm that made millions out of the banking crisis and has close links to David Cameron is a “fundamental insult to Labour and trade unions,” an MP said on Tuesday: here.

Iraq war was illegal, top government lawyer tells Chilcot inquiry: here.

The gap between Britain’s richest and poorest is wider than ever and its roots date back to Thatcher’s marketisation policy of the 1980s, a comprehensive report have revealed: here.

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