World economic crisis continues

This video is about Wal-Mart bashing trade unions.

USA: Sam’s Club, a subsidiary of Walmart, announced Thursday that it would eliminate over 11,000 jobs, amounting to 10 percent of its total workforce: here.

US telecommunications giant Verizon plans thousands more layoffs in 2010 even as it records another year of massive profits. The layoffs will primarily hit workers in the wireline side of the business as Verizon moves away from traditional telephone service to concentrate on wireless and fiber-optic technologies: here.

Two high-profile health care programs for the poor in Minnesota will soon end: General Assistance Medical Care and the Critical Access Dental Provider Program: here.

US automaker General Motors has closed down its Opel factory in the Belgian city of Antwerp: here.

In Spain’s worst recession for more than 50 years, official figures for the end of 2009 show nearly 4 million people out of work: here.

Romania: Education system on the verge of collapse: here.


A hundred British-based partners at Goldman Sachs are capping their 2009 pay and bonus packages at £1 million each in a bid to ease public anger at huge payouts, it has been reported: here.

The fight against child poverty has “slid into reverse” with more than 1.7 million British youngsters missing out on enough food and clothes, Save the Children has warned: here.

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