US soldier arrested for musical deployment policy protest

This video says about itself:

Please help Marc Hall and other soldiers who are either imprisoned in the Army or jailed due to the unconstitutional Stop Loss program, by visiting the link below.

Lets END the Wars NOW!

Courage to Resist

From Rebel Frequencies blog in the USA:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Defend Marc Hall, End Stop-Loss

For around six weeks, Georgia-based Army Specialist Marc Hall has been locked up by the US Army in the Liberty County Jail. His crime? Writing and recording a hip-hop joint protesting the draconian policy of “stop-loss” in the US military, in which soldiers have their contracts and tours extended beyond their original end-date.

Hall, who goes under the moniker “Marc Watercus,” is himself a veteran of the Iraq war, is himself among the 120,000 soldiers who have been subject to this policy since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. He recorded the song “Stop-Loss” when he was off-duty.

1 thought on “US soldier arrested for musical deployment policy protest

  1. 250th soldier dies in Afghanistan

    Death toll: The number of British soldiers killed in Afghanistan since the start of the bloody campaign has reached another grim milestone.

    Rifleman Peter Aldridge was named on Saturday as the 250th British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan.

    The teenage soldier’s death takes the number killed to just five below the number who died during the Falklands war in 1982.


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