The nazis’ anti-women witchhunt

This video is called Nazi Policies towards Women.

From Der Spiegel in Germany:

The ‘Dishonorable’ German Girls

The Forgotten Persecution of Women in World War II

By Jan Friedmann

Hitler’s Gestapo arrested thousands of women for admitting they had affairs with foreign forced laborers in Germany, despite many confessions being false and made under duress. Men were often executed and women sent to concentration camps for the crime of “racial defilement.” Some continued to suffer the consequences long after the end of the war.

On Sept. 19, 1941, Maria K. signed the record of her interrogation. In her written statement to the police detective, the 14-year-old girl confessed that she had “shared the bed of Polish national Florian Sp. and also had sexual relations with him.” …

Maria K., who is 82 today, covers her face with her hands when she talks about the “confession” that changed her life forever and led to the death of the two young men. She is ashamed, even though the Gestapo detective concocted the statement and beat her into signing it. This is her story today, and other documents support its veracity.

Gisela Schwarze, a historian from the western German city of Münster, has spent years investigating cases like hers, digging through the files of special courts in cities like Dortmund, Bielefeld and Kiel. She uncovered Maria K.’s story in a local archive. It unfolded in Asbeck, a village with a wartime population of 850 in the western Münsterland region.

‘Racial Defilement’

As a result of her research, Schwarze discovered a group of victims of the Nazi regime that has been neglected to this day. It consists of the women and girls who government officials accused of having sexual relations with foreign forced laborers. Some of the romantic relationships did exist, while others were made up, but the punishment was almost always extreme. The women were sent to concentration camps by the thousands, while the men were usually executed.

“Fellow Germans who engage in sexual relations with male or female civil workers of the Polish nationality, commit other immoral acts or engage in love affairs shall be arrested immediately,” Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS, ordered in 1940.

The crime the Nazi lawyers had constructed was called “racial defilement.” At first, it only applied to relationships between Jews and non-Jews, but the racist construct was later expanded to include Slavs.

Britain: PETER FROST pays tribute to the women heroes of the struggle against fascism: here.

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