Haiti, disaster and luxury

Haiti disaster and luxury, cartoon by Mikhaela

On the Haiti disaster and luxury, this cartoon by Mikhaela from the USA.

Journalist Kim Ives on How Western Domination Has Undermined Haiti‘s Ability to Recover From Natural Devastation: here.

Portrayal of Haiti as the basket case of the hemisphere hurts Haitians & misleads the American public: here.

Pat Robertson, the U.S. Ruling Class and Haiti: here.

Haiti‘s former secretary of state for national defence and human rights activists has warned against the militarisation of quake relief efforts as Washington confirmed that it had 12,000 US troops deployed in or around Haiti: here.

While the world watches the terrible plight of the poor people of Haiti and globally people have dug deep into their pockets, it saddens me that the IMF, which loaned the Haiti government an extra $100 million last Thursday, is demanding as payback a serious increase in electricity prices and a pay freeze for public employees among other things – the list of conditions is endless: here.

Venezuela Sends Needed Gasoline and Diesel to Haiti: here. See also here.

Haiti: Security Companies Aim to Make a Few Bucks in Haiti: here.

Women’s movement mourns death of 3 Haitian leaders: here. And here.

Experts have started assessing how to deal with the masses of rubble and hazardous waste left in the wake of the Haiti quake: here.

Racism in the portrayal of Haiti: here.

“She Had a Desire to Live I Have Never Seen”–Rescue Worker Describes Pulling Woman Out of Rubble 7 Days After Haiti Quake: here.

Aid agencies have joined the chorus of voices calling on Washington to prioritise aid delivery over military deployment to Haiti as workers used earth movers to bury 10,000 earthquake victims in a single day: here.

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