Croatian military invasion in Bosnia threatens

This is a video about Jasenovac concentration camp in Croatia during nazi days.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

ZAGREB – Croatia will intervene militarily if the Bosnian Serbs will go ahead with their plans for a referendum on secession. Croatian President Stjepan Mesic said this in a farewell interview with journalists, as media in the Balkan country reported this Tuesday. …

It is still unclear how Ivo Josipovic, who will succeed Mesic on February 18, thinks about the referendum plans of the Bosnian Serbs.

See also here.

Not so long ago, there were referendums on secession in Montenegro (then part of a sovereign federation with Serbia), and in Kosovo (internationally recognized as part of Serbia, also by the United Nations in the treaty which ended the 1999 NATO war against Yugoslavia). These referendums passed without the Serbian government invading militarily, or threatening to do so.

Today, however, the president of Croatia threatens to invade Bosnia, which never was part of Croatia (if one disregards the World War II Croatian state, puppets of Hitler and Mussolini). How will NATO countries react to this?

Ironically, the present independence of Croatia is based on a referendum on secession, organized by Holocaust denialist Franjo Tudjman. So, apparently … one law for some, and quite another law for some others …

Will invading Croatian tanks now kill Bosnian Serb civilians? Will they maybe also kill Bosnian Croat or Muslim or Roma etc. civilians who happen to stand in the way of those tanks and will then euphemistically be considered to be ´collateral damage´?

It is to be hoped that cooler heads in Croatia will prevail. The last thing that Croatia, Bosnia, and other countries in the Balkan and elsewhere in the world need is another bloody war.

Anti Roma racism in Kosovo: here.

6 thoughts on “Croatian military invasion in Bosnia threatens

  1. US consortium wins road contract

    Kosovo: US-Turkish consortium Bechtel-Enka has been chosen for a £600 million deal to build a motorway across Kosovo, the new country’s transport minister said on Monday.

    Minister Fatmir Limaj said that authorities were still negotiating details before signing a final agreement.

    He said that the project to link Kosovo with Albania in the west and Serbia in the east could create 10,000 new jobs.


  2. your a blood idio*t who wrote this article, bosnia was part of croatia throughout most of the croatian histroy it just goes to show much much you dont know, what does some fool thats never been to the country know about my history and my country


  3. Re #2: history is always more complex than simplistic nationalists in Croatia, or in other countries, say. During the Middle Ages, feudal lords in (parts of what is today) Croatia sometimes controlled parts of what is now Bosnia as well. But sometimes, feudal lords in Bosnia also controlled parts of what is now Croatia. These feudal lords, by the way, at least in theory, were subjects of the “Holy Roman” empire, or the Byzantine empire, or the king of Hungary, or the sultan of Turkey, etc. Like in the Middle Ages there was a county of Flanders (in theory, sometimes also in practice, part of feudal France) which did not really have much to do with the Belgium of today. There were counts of Holland, subject to the “Holy Roman” empire; and their realm did not have much to do with the Netherlands of today.

    Just be careful that Italy will not claim Croatia, or Bosnia, because both once were part of the Roman empire …

    The important part of this blog post, by the way, is not history, which cannot be changed. It is the possibility of Croatian-Bosnian war, which CAN be prevented if people keep cool.


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