Anglicans for and against xenophobia

This music video from Britain is Basement 5 – with The Last White Christmas and other songs.

The Italian xenophobes of the Lega Nord call their expulsions of migrant workers Operation White Christmas.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Bishop slams Carey’s call to limit immigration

Friday 15 January 2010

by Adrian Roberts

A Church of England bishop has warned that the former archbishop of Canterbury’s call to political parties to limit immigration into Britain could play into the hands of racists.

The Bishop of Ripon and Leeds the Right Rev John Packer said the views of Lord Carey and the parliamentary cross-party group on balanced migration could lead to a lack of tolerance and welcome towards asylum-seekers.

He added that the emphasis should instead be placed on issues surrounding poverty and unemployment in the run-up to the general election.

A statement from three senior [Church of England] bishops calls on peers today to retain and even widen religious exemptions on employing gay people: here.

The House of Lords has defeated government plans that churches claimed would restrict their “freedom” to deny jobs to women, homosexuals and transsexuals: here.

A member of the far-right BNP who still lives at home with his mum has been jailed for 11 years after building up a cache of weapons in his bedroom: here.

British National Party (BNP) member Terence Gavan was jailed last week for 11 years after police found 54 improvised explosive devices, including nail bombs and 12 firearms, at his home in West Yorkshire: here.

Rise in hate crime follows BNP council election victories: here.

3 thoughts on “Anglicans for and against xenophobia

  1. Protest against county sheriff

    US: Thousands of Latino immigrants in Arizona have protested against a notorious county sheriff accused by a federal grand jury of “abusing” immigration laws to discriminate against Mexican migrant workers.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio sparked the court case and protests at the weekend by ordering heavy-handed “crime sweeps” – sending squads of officers into immigrant areas to clamp down on supposed traffic violations, but then using the evidence to deport workers suspected of having entered the country illegally.


  2. Detention deaths ‘are in hundreds’

    US: The deaths of scores of undocumented workers in US detention centres have been covered up by immigration officers, the American Civil Liberties Union has revealed.

    Hundreds of reports containing evidence of mistreatment of prisoners have been obtained by the ACLU and released to the New York Times.

    The group said the documents showed at least 107 migrant or immigrant workers had died in jail since 2003.


  3. Online racists lose appeal

    Crime: Two racists have lost their appeals against Britain’s first conviction for inciting racial hatred online.

    Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle were jailed at Leeds Crown Court in July last year after they were charged with publishing racially inflammatory material, distributing racially inflammatory material and possessing racially inflammatory material with a view to distribution.


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