Raytheon merchants of death leave Ireland

This video from Ireland says about itself:

Eamonn McCann Speaks at AntiWar Rally

Prominent peace activist and journalist speaks at an anti-war rally in Belfast on the occasion of the visit of George W Bush. McCann was recently acquitted, as part of the Raytheon 9, of criminal damage to the Raytheon HQ in Derry.

US arms manufacturer Raytheon has confirmed that it would close its plant in Derry following several years of militant anti-war protests inside and outside the facility.

Sandy Boyer co-host of Radio Free Eireann on WBAI in New York City and a veteran organizer for Irish political prisoners, reports on the start of a trial of antiwar protesters in Northern Ireland who targeted the weapons firm Raytheon: here.

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13 thoughts on “Raytheon merchants of death leave Ireland

  1. £60m bomb boost for Raytheon

    MILITARY: An arms maker got a boost on Tuesday when the government said it would spend another £60 million on “precision” bombs.

    Air force pilots used the Paveway IV bombs to devastate Libya last year and they are also used in Afghanistan.

    The contract will secure 450 jobs at weapons giant Raytheon UK, which makes the bombs in Glenrothes, Scotland, and Harlow in Essex.



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