Haiti earthquake update

This video is called Haiti Earthquake – first film of horror 13 Jan 2010.

Officials warned Wednesday that the earthquake which devastated the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince may have claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people: here.

US televangelist Pat Robertson abused the Haiti disaster for bigoted pro slavery propaganda; in which he showed his ignorance of history, claiming that Napoleon III ruled France in 1804, while it was in fact 1852-1870: here.

Pat Robertson cartoon

Rachel Maddow talks to Haitian Ambassador to the United States Raymond Joseph about Pat Robertson’s outrageous claim that the earthquake there was a result of a 200 year old “deal with the devil”: here.

Rush Limbaugh and the Haiti tragedy: here.

Steven Cohen: This is a critical moment for the United States and the Obama administration to demonstrate that the lessons of our government’s shameful response to Katrina have truly been learned: here.

Earthquake in Haiti: U.S. Strengthens Military Control: here.

Haitian Americans Pledge Relief After Killer Quake: here.

Allow Aristide to return to Haiti now: here.

A Closer Look at the Destruction in Haiti: here.

Latest From Haiti: Aid Starts To Arrive; Grim Search Continues; Tears Flow: here.


The magnitude 7.0 earthquake that struck just outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti last night could be just the beginning. According to geologists monitoring the region, the quake could have primed faults crisscrossing the island of Hispaniola to unleash additional destructive temblors: here.

Report from Haiti: Desperate Call for Aid with Rescue Equipment, Medicine, Food & Water in Short Supply: here.

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