Turtles in unusually cold Florida sea

This video from Florida in the USA is about 2010 cold weather killing snook, tarpon and other fish.

Fish in winter: here.

From Wildlife Extra:

2000 sea turtles rescued from unusually cold sea off Florida

13/01/2010 16:36:33

Sea turtle rescues continue in Florida waters

January 2010. The unusually long spell of cold weather in Florida has had a big impact on sea turtles. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has been working on a mass rescue effort for sea turtles throughout the state. More than 2,000 sea turtles have been rescued so far, with 750 of those taken for observation & care to Merritt Island National Refuge. …

Most of the more than 2,000 sea turtles affected by the current cold snap in Florida are green turtles [see also here], with smaller numbers of loggerheads, Kemp’s Ridley [see also here] and hawksbill turtles. FWC biologists predict the majority of the affected turtles will survive.

Cold-stunned turtles recuperate at New Orleans aquarium: here.

January 2010. Thousands of endangered marine turtles have been saved over the past year in the Coral Triangle in Asia, in a new program aimed at reducing bycatch in longline tuna fisheries, according to a review released by WWF: here.

ScienceDaily (Feb. 26, 2010) — Spanish scientists have studied interactions between the loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) and fishing gear such as longline hooks used at the water surface, mass beachings, and the effects of climate change on these animals. In order to reduce captures of this marine species without causing economic losses for fishermen, the scientists are proposing that fishing in the summer should only be carried out by night and in areas more than 35 nautical miles from land: here.

Critically endangered Hawksbill turtles nesting in Abu Dhabi: here.

Three Hawksbill turtles satellite tagged in Kuwait for the first time. Follow them online here.


Tufted duck and grebes

Today, more snow falls. Much of the river Rhine frozen. Though still open water near where Rembrandt was born.

Coots, mallards, great crested grebes and a male tufted duck swimming there.

This is a tufted duck video from Britain.

The cold weather is not all bad news for Britain’s birds, but some species will struggle to survive when the snow melts: here.

Britain: Large increase in thrushes and buntings in snowy gardens: here.

Dutch butterflies in winter: here.

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Irish Mrs Robinson’s sexual-financial scandal continues

This video from the USA is from the film The Graduate (1967) – “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?”

The lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel’s 1968 song Mrs Robinson are here.

Northern Irish fundamentalist religious politician Iris Robinson, and her husband, temporarily resigned Northern Irish First Minister Peter Robinson, are getting deeper and deeper into a sexual and financial scandal.

From Wikipedia:

After news of Iris Robinson (the wife of the Northern Ireland First Minister) having an extramarital affair became public, a group was set up on Facebook attempting to get the song “Mrs. Robinson” to No.1 in the Official UK Singles Chart for this week via download sales. The chart will be announced on BBC Radio 1’s Chart Show this Sunday.

On Mr and Mrs Robinson‘s financial scandals: here.

Also from Wikipedia:

She is a Protestant Pentecostal Christian.

Reminds one more of Sarah Palin than of Anne Bancroft, though of Simon and Garfunkel’s song lyrics as well.

They were the first husband and wife ever to represent Northern Ireland constituencies in Parliament at the same time. …

Robinson‘s voting record shows that she voted … very strongly for the Iraq War

Comments about homosexuality

In June 2008, shortly after a homophobic attack (involving physical assault) on a gay man in Northern Ireland, she made comments on the BBC Radio Ulster‘s Stephen Nolan Show offering to recommend homosexuals to psychiatric counselling. While condemning the attack, she claimed that homosexuality was an “abomination” and it made her feel “sick” and “nauseous”, and offered to refer homosexuals to a psychiatrist she knew. In a subsequent interview, Robinson defended her views and denied prejudice against LGBT people, saying that “just as a murderer can be redeemed by the blood of Christ, so can a homosexual…. If anyone takes issue, they’re taking issue with the word of God”. Her comments were rebuffed by representatives of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Rainbow Project, the Alliance Party, Sinn Féin, and the Social Democratic and Labour Party. The psychiatrist in question, Dr. Paul Miller, later resigned as her “adviser”, and temporarily stood down from his post of consultant psychiatrist at Belfast’s Mater hospital.

Homophobic Iris Robinson resigns from parliament: here.

Homophobic attack victim condemns Iris Robinson: here.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Who’d have thought being mentally ill would disqualify you from being a Democratic Unionist Party MP? Although I note that being a rabid homophobe didn’t.

Police in Belfast reported on Thursday that the wife of Northern Ireland’s first minister is being investigated for allegedly helping to fund the business of a young man that she was having an affair with: here.

Legg probe: love cheat Iris Robinson claimed £1,600 for bed on expenses: here.

The DUP has confirmed that Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson bought a piece of land from a developer for £5: here.

Racism and crime in Australia

This video is called Indian students protest racist attacks in Australia.

The fatal stabbing of a 21-year-old Indian student in Melbourne has again focussed international attention on the appalling conditions endured by many overseas students in Australia: here.

Indian student attacks: Denial of racism will lead to more attacks: here.