Winter and society in Europe and the USA

Hundreds of people have died as a result of an extended wave of cold weather across much of Europe: here.

UK: FOOD PRICES SET TO SOAR! – Gas privateers making huge profits. Further heavy snowfalls are forecast today, piling more pressure on Britain’s already-stretched winter resources: here.

Staff cuts threaten ‘far worse’ snow chaos in future: here.

Dozens of people have died in house fires in the southern US, a consequence of the severe cold weather of the past two weeks and the dilapidated and hazardous housing stock in the region. In the worst fire, nine people died, including six young children: here.

Short term winter weather and long term climate change: here.

Climate change deniers are real fakes: here.

2 thoughts on “Winter and society in Europe and the USA

  1. Trains feel strain as Poland freezes

    Poland: Many trains across the country have been delayed or cancelled after heavy snow and freezing temperatures covered tracks and power lines with ice.

    Silesia regional railways spokeswoman Renata Rogowska reported on Monday that some power lines had snapped under the weight of the ice and local trains had been cancelled or suffered lengthy delays.

    Local trains in the Warsaw region and Gdansk also faced delays due to ice.


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