Economic crisis update

As the second decade of the 21st century begins, the aspirations set forth by the European Union in its Lisbon Strategy ten years ago have evaporated: here.

The German unemployment rate is expected to rise steeply in 2010: here.

This video from the USA is called AIG Bailout Bonus Boondoggle.

AIG to hand out $100 million in bonuses today: here.

USA: Geithner’s New York Fed Pushed AIG To Keep Sweetheart Deals Secret: here.

Calif. governor proposes ‘Terminator’ budget: here.

A new study has found that five times as many secondary school and university students in the US are dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues than people of the same age who were studied in the Great Depression era: here.


Bosses laid off 2.2 million workers in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2009 amid the global financial crisis, the International Labour Organisation has reported: here.

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