Texel, second day

This is a video of brent geese in De Petten nature reserve in Texel.

Today, again to the south from Den Hoorn village.

33 curlews flying. A few meadow pipits.

In a meadow: Egyptian geese. Magpies. A redshank. A northern lapwing.

A little egret flying.

At the Mokbaai: many shelducks. An avocet. Curlews. Dunlin groups flying.

Rough-legged buzzard. It is hovering repeatedly, distinguishing this species from an ordinary buzzard.

Dead rough-legged buzzard on Texel: here.

Near the Horsmeertjes lakes, a male kestrel sitting on a sea buckthorn bush.

Many brown-tail moth pupas wintering in the sea buckthorn.

At De Petten: a hare. Grey lag geese.

Mokbaai: many wigeons. Shelducks. Shovelers.

Redshanks. Curlews. Dunlin.

Back in Den Hoorn, in the meadow near the church: fifty curlews and an oystercatcher.

Rough-legged buzzards: here.