2010 Year of the Boar in the Netherlands

This is a Dutch wild boar video.

The Dutch mammal society has declared 2010 to be the Year of the Boar.

Wild boar are allowed to live in just two regions of the Netherlands, according to government rules.

However, the animals often do not obey those rules.

THE wildlife desperately foraging for food in Ireland’s icy New Year landscape were unknown numbers of Sus scrofa, the wild boar of Europe. Recent sightings and shootings have confirmed a quite widespread presence of the animal in Leinster and elsewhere, including whole families with piglets (or shoats). They began as escapes from farms, or perhaps were let out by animal-rights saboteurs as has happened notoriously in Britain, where some feral colonies are now well established in remoter woodland: here.

2 thoughts on “2010 Year of the Boar in the Netherlands

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