War escalation in Yemen after failed bombing attempt?

This is called Video of destruction war Saada Yemen.

Five days after the unsuccessful attempt by a Nigerian student to set off a bomb aboard a Detroit-bound passenger jet, US military and intelligence officials are said to be preparing expanded military action against targets in Yemen: here.

The extraordinary scale of the supposed intelligence breakdown surrounding the attempted terror bombing of a Northwest flight on Christmas Day should not be explained away as mere negligence or a “failure to connect the dots”: here.

Excellent demolition of Dick Cheney’s shameful attack on the president in the wake of the Detroit attempted attack: here.

Chris Floyd on Detroit attempted attack: here.

Overreaction to terror plot a bad move: here.

Yemen, Somalia, and Al Qaeda: here.

US presses Yemen to fight ‘extremists’: here.

Women in Yemen fight against social injustices: here.

While the Israeli and European press has reported that an Israeli-run security agency conducted the passenger screening that failed to detect the Christmas Day bomber, the American press has said nothing: here.

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