NATO keeps killing Afghan civilians

This video is called Afghan anger at government over civilian deaths – 24 Mar 09.

From Reuters:

Air strike kills Afghan civilians – provincial official

Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:48pm IST

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – An air strike by foreign forces in Afghanistan‘s southern Helmand province on Wednesday killed civilians, although the number of victims is unknown, a spokesman for the provincial governor said. “A patrol of foreign troops came under Taliban ambush at 3 pm. After the ambush, planes came and bombed the area, which caused civilian casualties,” said Dawud Ahmadi, spokesman for the Helmand governor. He could not yet give further details.

Officials are still investigating how many people died in the attack in the outskirts of the provincial capital Lashkar Gah, he added. …

A press officer for NATO-led forces declined immediate comment on the incident.

Up to 18 Afghan civilians killed in airstrikes: here. blogger Glenn Greenwald discusses US foreign policy, including the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, drone strikes on Pakistan, cruise missile attacks on Yemen, operations in Somalia, the ongoing operation in Iraq, and much more: here.

A Pentagon plan to demolish its prison at Bagram, Afghanistan, amounts to destroying evidence in the cases of detainees who say they were tortured there, an attorney said Thursday: here.

2009 Deadliest Year for U.S. in Afghanistan: here.

Was the suicide bombing that killed seven CIA employees in eastern Afghanistan this week, sending shock waves through the US spy agency, masterminded by a warlord who was once one of the CIA’s key allies? Here.

At least eight protesters were killed and 13 wounded in the southern Afghanistan town of Garmsir Wednesday when security forces fired on a demonstration of several thousand people protesting against the US military. Protesters blamed the deaths on Afghan intelligence agents, backed up by US soldiers: here.


Canadian Conservative cover-up of torture scandal

This video is called Diplomat: Canada Complicit in Civilian Torture.

To prevent further parliamentary hearings into Canadian complicity in torture in Afghanistan, the minority Conservative government has shut down the national parliament for the second time in a year: here.

See also here.

Canadian press denounces Conservatives’ shutting down of parliament: here.

Demonstrations and rallies are being held in cities across Canada this Saturday to protest against the minority Conservative government’s two-month shutdown of parliament: here.

Harper’s assault on democracy: here.

War escalation in Yemen after failed bombing attempt?

This is called Video of destruction war Saada Yemen.

Five days after the unsuccessful attempt by a Nigerian student to set off a bomb aboard a Detroit-bound passenger jet, US military and intelligence officials are said to be preparing expanded military action against targets in Yemen: here.

The extraordinary scale of the supposed intelligence breakdown surrounding the attempted terror bombing of a Northwest flight on Christmas Day should not be explained away as mere negligence or a “failure to connect the dots”: here.

Excellent demolition of Dick Cheney’s shameful attack on the president in the wake of the Detroit attempted attack: here.

Chris Floyd on Detroit attempted attack: here.

Overreaction to terror plot a bad move: here.

Yemen, Somalia, and Al Qaeda: here.

US presses Yemen to fight ‘extremists’: here.

Women in Yemen fight against social injustices: here.

While the Israeli and European press has reported that an Israeli-run security agency conducted the passenger screening that failed to detect the Christmas Day bomber, the American press has said nothing: here.