United States economic crisis continues

This video from the USA is called Dan’s Foreclosure Story.

USA: Foreclosures, job losses and medical expenses have forced more of the [Chicago] city’s working poor from their homes as the state slashes spending on emergency programs: here.

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted last week to eliminate free transit passes for students as part of a package of drastic service cuts aimed at closing a $400 million deficit: here.

2 thoughts on “United States economic crisis continues


    Sign the petition: http://www.bailoutpeople.org/savestudentmtapasses.shtml

    On 12/16/09, a proposal was passed by New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Board 12-0 in favor of serious budget cuts to take place next year, including the discontinuation of a program which provides free MetroCards for more than 500,000 city students, service cuts to Access-a-Ride users, layoffs, and service cutbacks. In this time of economic crisis, forcing students to pay $5 a day, or more than $1000 per year, just to get to school is an unacceptable wholesale attack on free public education. LET THE NY MTA BOARD, NYC MAYOR, CITY COUNCIL, THE GOVERNOR AND THE LEGISLATURE KNOW YOU SAY NO!


    To: Metropolitan Transit Authority Board
    CC: Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Patterson, New York City Council, New York Congressional Delegation, Local and National Media

    Dear Metropolitan Transit Authority Board members:

    I demand that the Metropolitan Transit Authority immediately reverse its action of December 16, 2009 that would discontinue free MetroCards for over 500,000 students in New York City, as well as cut service for Access-a-Ride users, lay off workers, and cut back service levels. Charging students $5 a day, or over $1000 a year, to get to school is an unacceptable attack on free public education.

    I demand that the MTA stop cutting services and make public transportation work for the people!

    There is more than enough money in the banks that run the MTA to not only avoid the cuts in student transportation but to keep all lines open, all booths open, and lower the fare. Neither students, NOR Acess-A-Ride Users, NOR transit workers should have to help the MTA make payments to banks who are preparing to dole out BILLIONS in end-of-the-year bonuses, and who have gotten TRILLIONS in bailout money.


    DON’T eliminate student passes!

    DON’T cut services to Access-A-Ride users!

    DON’T lay off transit workers or cut pay!

    DON’T cut any subway lines or shut down any stations!

    Add your name – sign today: http://www.bailoutpeople.org/savestudentmtapasses.shtml

    Bail Out the People Movement
    Solidarity Center
    55 W. 17th St. #5C
    New York, NY 10011
    Email: bailoutpeople.org/cmnt.shtml


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