Rage Against the Machine wins British Christmas charts battle

This is Rage Against The Machine –Killing in the name – official video.

From British daily The Guardian:

Rage Against the Machine beats X Factor’s Joe to Christmas No 1

After a Facebook campaign against Simon Cowell’s chart domination, music fans celebrate their victory

Sunday 20 December 2009

In recent years, it had become as predictable as elections in North Korea – singer wins X Factor, singer’s debut single goes to No 1. So when Joe McElderry won the TV talent contest, he was no doubt confident he would celebrate Christmas at the top of the charts.

Alas for the 18-year-old from South Shields, it wasn’t to be: a song almost his own age denied him the top spot after a successful online campaign.

Killing In The Name, an expletive-heavy rock song first released in 1992 by the Californian rock band Rage Against the Machine, won the battle for Christmas top spot on the basis of downloads only. It sold about 500,000 copies last week, about 50,000 more than The Climb, McElderry’s earnest ballad.

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1 thought on “Rage Against the Machine wins British Christmas charts battle

  1. Buoyed by this success, a new campaign has been started on Facebook to make the Sex Pistols’ anti-royal anthem “God Save the Queen” the number one British single to coincide with the Queen’s birthday celebrations in June.

    The song was originally released at the same time as the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977. It is generally accepted that it was the top selling single at the time, but that the record industry manipulated the sales figures to prevent it becoming number one to avoid embarrassing the Royal family.



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