Rich countries sabotage Copenhagen climate conference

This video is called Copenhagen Climate Demonstration – Combo of Street Interviews.

The UN-sponsored global climate summit in Copenhagen staggered toward a finish Friday night, with representatives of the major world powers hoping to salvage a brief statement of principles, without a single binding commitment, before bringing the two-week conference to an end: here.

Low targets, goals dropped: Copenhagen ends in failure: here.

Copenhagen: `Imperial’ climate deal rejected by poor-country delegates: here.

Greenpeace: Copenhagen a cop-out.

ALBA and G77 Denounce Copenhagen Sham: here.

New Scientist on this: here.

See also here.

Evo Morales: Trillions for war, peanuts to save the planet: here.

Artists and the Copenhagen conference: here.

Greenpeace: Copenhagen, Denmark — Four of our activists face the prospect of Christmas in jail this year over charges relating to our crashing of the Head of State dinner at the Copenhagen climate summit, while the leaders who did practically nothing about the greatest threat to our planet got away scott free: here.

Environmentalists have denounced the results of the two-week climate conference in Copenhagen as “toothless” and “half-baked”: here.

Hugo Chávez writes on `The battle of Copenhagen’: here.

Godfather of global warming deniers US Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) and Copenhagen: here.

Conservatives Continue Their Assault on Climate Science — And Reason: here.

Despite the urgency of finding a solution to global warming, the representatives of 193 states at the world climate conference in Copenhagen last week were utterly incapable of agreeing on any effective steps to reduce global levels of greenhouse gases: here.

U.S.-Led Copenhagen Accord Decried as Flawed, Undemocratic: here.


BirdLife comments on Copenhagen: here.

Developing countries and unions globally have branded the Copenhagen climate summit as a “farce” and insisted that the threat posed by global warming required rich states to commit to binding emissions reductions: here.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, the pioneering Australian antinuclear activist and pediatrician who spearheaded the global nuclear freeze movement of the 1980s and co-founded Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), has joined with left-leaning environmental groups here in an uphill fight to halt nuclear power as a “solution” to the global warming crisis: here.

13 thoughts on “Rich countries sabotage Copenhagen climate conference

  1. U.N. climate talks acknowledge Copenhagen accord

    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – U.N. climate talks avoided failure on Saturday by formally acknowledging a new U.S.-led accord for combating global warming despite opposition from several nations.

    “The conference of the parties takes note of the Copenhagen Accord,” said a final decision at the 193-nation talks that stopped short of endorsing the deal.

    U.N. talks are meant to operate by consensus and several countries had spoken against the U.S.-led plan. The decision would list the countries that were in favor of the deal and those against.


  2. Copenhagen: `Imperial’ climate deal rejected by poor-country

    December 18, 2009 — Speaking on behalf of the Bolivarian Alliance for
    the Americas, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela took the floor at the
    plenary of the COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen to denounce the final
    “deal” that was soon to emerge and be imposed on the majority
    poor-country delegates, and which would fall far short of their demands.
    Chavez accused US President Barack Obama of behaving like an emperor
    “who comes in during the middle of the night … and cooks up a document
    that we will not accept, we will never accept”.

    * Read more

    Copenhagen: Democracy Now! interview with Evo Morales — `We cannot
    end global warming without ending capitalism’

    December 17, 2009 — Bolivia’s President Evo Morales joins us in
    Copenhagen to talk about the UN climate talks, capitalism, climate debt
    and much more. “Policies of unlimited industrialisation are what
    destroys the environment”, Morales said. “And that irrational
    industrialisation is capitalism.”

    * Read more

    Copenhagen: Full speech — Chavez salutes protesters, calls for
    system change to save planet

    By Kiraz Janicke, Caracas
    December 16, 2009 – During his speech to the 15th United Nations Climate
    Change Summit (COP15) in Copenhagen, Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez
    slammed the “lack of political will” of the most powerful nations to
    take serious action to avert climate change, and called for systemic
    change to save the planet.

    * Read more

    Copenhagen: People’s summit develops a people-powered response to
    the climate crisis

    By Lauren Carroll Harris, Copenhagen
    December 15, 2009 — Just over a week into the December 7-18 United
    Nations climate change negotiations in Copenhagen (COP15) , thousands of
    ordinary people from around the world have already participated in what
    is being billed as the “people’s climate summit”, Klimaforum09, also
    taking place in the Danish capital. The difference between the two
    forums could not be more stark.

    * Read more

    Fidel Castro: The truth about what happened at Copenhagen

    By Fidel Castro Ruz
    December 19, 2009 — Until very recently, the discussion revolved around
    the kind of society we would have. Today, the discussion centres on
    whether human society will survive. These are not dramatic phrases. We
    must get used to the true facts. Hope is the last thing human beings can
    relinquish. With truthful arguments, men and women of all ages,
    especially young people, have waged an exemplary battle at the
    Copengahen COP15 summit and taught the world a great lesson. It is
    important now that Cuba and the world come to know as much as possible
    of what happened in Copenhagen. The truth can be stronger than the
    influenced and often misinformed minds of those holding in their hands
    the destiny of the world.

    * Read more

    Beyond Copenhagen: left alternatives to capitalism

    By Lauren Carroll Harris, Copenhagen

    “Can a finite Earth support an infinite project? The thesis of
    capitalism, infinite development, is a destructive pattern, let’s face
    it. How long are we going to tolerate the current international economic
    order and prevailing market mechanisms? How long are we going to allow
    huge epidemics like HIV/AIDS to ravage entire populations? How long are
    we going to allow the hungry to not eat or to be able to feed their own
    children? How long are we going to allow millions of children to die
    from curable diseases? How long will we allow armed conflicts to
    massacre millions of innocent human beings in order for the powerful to
    seize the resources of other peoples?”

    — Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, speaking at COP15, December 16, 2009

    * Read more

    Countering the critics of Annie Leonard’s `The Story of Cap and

    By Patrick Bond
    December 16, 2009 — Eight million people viewed Annie Leonard’s The
    Story of Stuff video since December 2007 and her new nine-minute Story
    of Cap and Trade has received 400,000
    hits in the two weeks since its December 1 launch.

    * Read more

    Lumumba Di-Aping: Third World hero of Copenhagen

    By Derek Barry
    December 16, 2009 — Lumumba Di-Aping has made the brave call that no
    Australian politician has been game to make, callin Australia’s Prime
    Minister Kevin Rudd a climate sceptic. The key negotiator at Copenhagen
    on behalf of the G77-China group told the ABC (also see below) that
    Rudd’s message to his own people was a fabrication which “does not
    relate to the facts because his actions are climate change scepticism in
    action”. Di-Aping was pointing the disparity between Rudd’s sayings and
    actions on climate change. “It’s puzzling in the sense that here is a
    Prime Minister who actually won the elections because of his commitment
    to climate change”, Di-Aping said. “And within a very short period of
    time he changes his mind, changes his position, he start acting as if he
    has been converted into climate change scepticism.”

    * Read more

    Evo Morales at Copenhagen: `Shameful’ for West to spend trillions on
    war and just $10 billion for climate change

    December 16, 2009 — In a press conference on December 16, Bolivia’s
    President Evo Morales said, “The budget of the United States is US$687
    billion for defence. And for climate change, to save life, to save
    humanity, they only put up $10 billion. This is shameful.”

    * Read more

    Copenhagen: Maldives, Tuvalu, small island nations lead fight for
    real action on climate

    December 15, 2009 — The president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed,
    stressed the power of people to take action on climate change, when he
    spoke to a packed audience at Klimaforum09, the alternative climate
    summit in Copenhagen, on December 14.

    * Read more


  3. How to cure the post-Copenhagen hangover

    By Patrick Bond, Durban
    December 23, 2009 — In Copenhagen, the world’s richest leaders
    continued their fiery fossil fuel party last Friday night, December 18,
    ignoring requests of global village neighbours to please chill out.
    Instead of halting the hedonism, US President Barack Obama and the Euro
    elites cracked open the mansion door to add a few nouveau riche guests:
    South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, China’s Jiabao Wen (reportedly the most
    obnoxious of the lot), Brazil’s Lula Inacio da Silva and India’s
    Manmohan Singh. By Saturday morning, still drunk with their power over
    the planet, these wild and crazy party animals had stumbled back onto
    their jets and headed home.
    The rest of us now have a killer hangover, because on behalf mainly of
    white capitalists (who are having the most fun of all), the world’s
    rulers stuck the poor and future generations with the vast clean-up
    charges – and worse: certain death for millions.

    * Read more


  4. Copenhagen: Morales and Chavez a `smashing success’ — an insider’s
    report from the ALBA delegation

    By Ron Ridenour
    December 23, 2009 — “Nobel War Prize winner walked in and out of a
    secret door, and that is the way capitalism and the United States Empire
    will end up leaving the planet, through a secret back door.” So spoke
    Venezuela President Hugo Chavez from the plenary podium on the last
    afternoon, December 18, of the 12-day long Copenhagen climate conference
    “While the conference was a failure, it, at least, led to more
    consciousness of what the problem is for all of us. Now starts a new
    stage of the struggle for the salvation of humanity, and this is through
    socialism. Our problem is not just about climate, but about poverty,
    misery, unnecessary child deaths, discrimination and racism–all related
    to capitalism”, Chavez said at the Bolivarian Alliance of the Peoples of
    Latin America (ALBA) press conference held at the Bella Centre
    immediately following Chavez’ last remarks at the plenary.

    * Read more


  5. CPI (ML): `Shameful betrayal’ at Copenhagen — India and China sign
    undemocratic US-scripted accord

    By Radhika Krishnan
    December 24, 2009 — Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)
    Liberation — The 15th Conference of Parties (COP15) has finally ended
    in Copenhagen, and it is now time to officially write the obituary. This
    week-long conference, where 110 countries got together to try and evolve
    a blueprint to handle the climate change crisis, has quite predictably
    and most unfortunately ended in failure. Predictable, because for a long
    time now there have been indications that the US would continue to hold
    the rest of the world to ransom by refusing to accept responsibility for
    its role in creating the climate crisis.

    * Read more


  6. Climate Justice Now! statement: Call for `System change not climate
    change’ unites global movement

    Corrupt Copenhagen “accord” exposes gulf between peoples’ demands and
    elite political interests
    By the Climate Justice Now! coalition
    December 22, 2009 — The highly anticipated UN Climate Change Conference
    in Copenhagen (COP15) ended with a fraudulent agreement, engineered by
    the United States and dropped into the conference at the last moment.
    The “agreement” was not adopted. Instead, it was “noted” in an absurd
    parliamentary invention designed to accommodate the United States and
    permit UN secretary generla Ban Ki-moon to utter the ridiculous
    pronouncement, “We have a deal”, in a spectacular disrespect for the
    multilateralism that should be the basis of the United Nations.

    * Read more

    Excellent news from Copenhagen: Capitalist politicians exposed,
    foundations laid for mass movement

    By Daniel Tanuro
    December 19, 2009 — We knew the United Nations summit in Copenhagen
    would not conclude with a new international treaty but a simple
    statement of intent – just one more. But the text adopted at the end of
    the meeting is worse than anything we could imagine: no quantified
    objectives for carbon-emissions reduction, no reference year for
    measuring them, no deadlines, no date!

    * Read more

    Democracy Now! interview: Hugo Chavez on how to tackle climate
    change: `We must go from capitalism to socialism’

    December 21, 2009 — Democracy Now!

    — We speak with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez about climate change,
    the Copenhagen summit and President Obama. Chavez calls the COP15 summit
    undemocratic and accuses world leaders of only seeking a face-saving
    agreement. “We must reduce all the emissions that are destroying the
    planet,” Chavez says. “That requires a change in the economic model: we
    must go from capitalism to socialism.”

    * Read more


  7. E.Mail: /

    The statement of AAPSO
    on Copenhagen Climate Conference

    Copenhagen Fiasco

    In reflecting the widely talked about major world conference in Copenhagen to tackle the climate change, it appears that after two weeks of deliberation, “only a mountain has brought forth a mouse”. To the dismay and frustration of the civil society and the world wide environmental N.G.O it was a disaster to the planet. The critics points out that the responsibility of not arriving at an agreed target of reduction of green house gass emission squarely lie with the developed countries of the west above all the United States.
    Professor Jeffery D.Sach of the Columbia University put the blame on the U.S. In the first place for fifteen consecutive years the congress refused to ratify the Kyoto Protocol followed by George Bush during his eight years not only refused to recognize the climate change but also unilaterally rejected the Kyoto protocol. President Obama struct the final nail owing domestic compulsions.
    The leaders did not display the same enthusiasm as they showed to protect the corporate bodies of the Wall Street and the crash of the major international banks during the financial crisis. At the last moment when the conference almost turned into a farce, President Obama persuaded China, Brazil, India and South Africa to agree on to a maximum of two degrees temperature and to produce what came to be called the “Copenhagen Accord” without any legal binding. Majority of the 192 nations consider the $10 billion per year and $100 billion in 2020 was a ‘joke’ when the U.S. military expenditure alone is $ 700 billion, if diverted to climate change could save the world.
    Although Brazil was a signatory to the accord, President Lula strongly stressed that he did not agree that the world leaders should “sign any paper just to say we signed a document”. He underlined three issues, the importance of Kyoto Protocol, the implementation of the convention and on the issue of measuring, reporting and verification. He further said ” Developing countries are not begging for money and that this was not a bargain between those who have money and those who do not”. The money needed by developing countries is to address the climate impacts that have been caused by historical emission of developed countries, who got rich by burning fossil fuel for two centuries.
    The world has seen the effect of warming by gasses that had been shown by scientists. But the persistent campaign by developing countries and the protesters was vetoed by the governments of North America and the West, to the detriment of the island states like Maldives, and low lying regions like Bangladesh. The glaciers of Bolivia and the Mount Everest are melting down and effect is felt by the people living in these countries. As a awareness protest earlier, the cabinet meeting of the Maldives was held under sea water while the Nepali Cabinet had its sitting in the vicinity of the Everest.
    The people have already witnessed, severe cold winter in America and Europe. Similarly enormous floods and storms that have destroyed the tropical countries in the South. If the present situation goes unchecked more disasters will fall on the planet. The recurrence of tsunamis cannot be stopped and whatever achieved in the march of the civilization will be retarded .
    The sad end of the Conference was not only a disappointment to the overwhelming majority of the people, but the corrosion of the moral authority of the developed world .
    Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization and other civil society movement cannot remain silent spectators. This calls upon to redouble the efforts to mobilize the people as Copenhagen will not be the end of the journey.


  8. Bolivia: Invitation to the Peoples’ World Conference on Climate
    Change and Mother Earth’s Rights

    By Evo Morales, president of Bolivia
    January 5, 2010 — Considering that climate change represents a real
    threat to the existence of humanity, of living beings and our Mother
    Earth as we know it today; Noting the serious danger that exists to
    islands, coastal areas, glaciers in the Himalayas, the Andes and
    mountains of the world, the poles of the Earth, warm regions like
    Africa, water sources, populations affected by increasing natural
    disasters, plants and animals, and ecosystems in general; Making clear
    that those most affected by climate change will be the poorest in the
    world who will see their homes and their sources of survival destroyed,
    and who will be forced to migrate and seek refuge; Confirming that 75%
    of historical emissions of greenhouse gases originated in the countries
    of the global North that followed a path of irrational industrialisation;

    * Read more


  9. Green gatecrashers sentenced

    DENMARK: Copenhagen City Court handed suspended sentences today to 11 Greenpeace activists who gatecrashed a swanky climate summit banquet in the city two years ago.

    The activists unveiled a banner at a December 2009 banquet of world leaders after gaining access to the building in a limousine equipped with a false police light that joined a convoy of vehicles en route to the venue.

    They were found guilty of trespassing, falsifying a license plate and impersonating a police officer.


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