Economic crisis in the USA

Fourteen months after Congress authorized the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, the Obama administration is allowing the last of the big banks to repay their TARP funds and escape the token restraints on executive pay and bank operations that were imposed in return for the taxpayer bailout: here.

These two videos are the film The Ground Truth: The Human Cost of War.

The massive military appropriations bill, including $128 billion for the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, comes as local governments and school boards are imposing crippling budget cuts: here.

Stunning Statistics About the War [in Afghanistan] Every American Should Know: here.

Initial jobless benefit claims in the US rose the second time in a row last week, undermining claims that the recovery in corporate profits is translating into improved employment conditions for workers: here.

Beginning in 2010, women under the age of 50 in California will no longer be eligible for free screenings for breast cancer, the state’s Department of Public health announced this week: here.

In California, Schwarzenegger, the governator, hates poor people, disabled people, commuters and Santa Barbara. Oh, hell….he aims to “pooch” us all: here.

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