Australian neo-colonialism defeat in Solomon Islands

This video is the national anthem of the Solomon Islands.

In an important victory for democratic rights, former Solomon Islands’ attorney general Julian Moti has succeeded in blocking the Australian government’s attempt to frame him on statutory rape charges: here.

Last week’s Queensland Supreme Court decision to throw out the prosecution of former Solomon Islands’ Attorney General Julian Moti on trumped up child sex charges is a major blow to the Australian government, its federal police and public prosecutors. The vicious five-year vendetta has cast light on Canberra’s filthy neo-colonial operations in the South Pacific, as well as the complicity of the entire political and media establishment—ranged across the official political spectrum, from the openly right wing to the ex-radical “left”: here.

Australian public prosecutors have issued a notice of appeal against a court ruling last December that threw out statutory rape charges against former Solomon Islands’ attorney general Julian Moti: here.

2 thoughts on “Australian neo-colonialism defeat in Solomon Islands

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